Answer of “Season” English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Describe in your own words-
a)Summer in the hills.
b)Summer in the plains.

Answer 1.a)Summer in the hills: Summer in hills are welcomed with happiness. It is because the people face the severe cold for longer period of the year. Therefore Summer brings happiness for the hilly area. The little birds sit on the door and expresses their happiness.

b)Summer in the plane: Summer in plain is very much painful. It makes people dry. People search shade to escape the blazing sun. Summer in plain area is not welcomed by the people. It creates the scarcity of water in plain area. Therefore I can say that Summer season in plain area is opposite to that of hilly area.

Question 2. What are the characteristics of spring ?

Answer 2. In most of the countries Spring is a pleasant time. After coldness of winter the mellow warmth of Spring brings very good feeling for everyone. Trees grow new leaves. Flower blooms and birds build their nests. The countryside looks green with life.

Question 3. Why are rains welcome in tropical countries ?

Answer 3.In tropical countries rain is welcomed by the people. It brings the cool and relief after heat of the Summer. The nature looks fresh and clean. It seems that there are no dust in the air. The green colour of the leaves look very much clean and fresh.

Question 4. Who was Persephone? Who carried her away

Answer 4. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus; who was the king of the gods. She was a beautiful girl with pink cheeks like apple blossoms and blue eyes like the blue of the sky on a sunny April Morning.
Hades was the grim ruler of the Underworld, the Land of the Dead. He was a lonely king with shadow and ghost for his companions.

Question 5. What happened to the earth when Persephone was away? Why was it so ?

Answer 5. When Persephone was away , her mother Demeter wandered sadly over the earth. Demeter neglected all her duties. Therefore the crops failed and the ground becate barren.

As she was corn-goddess and looked after the harvest,the crops failed and the ground became parched and barren. It seemed that the earth felt sorry for Demeter and mourned with her.

Question 6. How did Demeter discover what happened to her daughter ?

Answer 6. Demeter continued her search. One day she was passing by a stream of Sicily island, she saw the girdle of Persephone near the shore. She conclded from the girdle as the girdle is saying “I am the nymph of the stream. I came up from the underworld”. She had got married with the king Hades ; who was the king of the Underworld.

Question 7. How did the Greeks explain the coming of spring ?

Answer 7.The Greeks explain the coming of spring with a brilliant story. In which Persephone came back from the Underworld and stays with her mother. At such time the trees are covered with blossoms, the birds sing , and the green earth seems to be full of joy. The presence of Persephone on earth brings spring and fine weather.