How to write a short song about family?

This song writing exercise is based on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Kenny Loggins, a song that has been covered by lots of pop music artists.

Here’s the idea:

How to write a short song about family?

How to write a short song about family?:

Write a song using just three phrases or “chords” that represent a common moment in your life. The idea is to do this as many times as you can that day, to keep the exercise fresh.

Phrases to Write:

These phrases are your family units. These units represent the unit that includes your partner and your children. They may be different units if you have different families, but the idea is to keep it as general as possible.

Phrases helps to imagine:

You’ll find lots of ways to use these phrases to make songs. Not just songs that you could write, but songs that you could “play” the phrases over in your mind.


To start, take any phrase, and write it on a piece of paper no bigger than six inches wide and twelve inches long. Put it somewhere safe and keep it there all week.

Every day during the week, go through it and see what images come to mind. If you can’t think of anything at the time, put another label over the top of it. If you can think of something, then put the label over it. This gives you a log of what you’re “thinking” at any time. Keep a log of all your thoughts during the week.

Check your imagination:

After the seven days, check your reocrd(log) to see what images you’re using. What are the most common ones? Do you use just one or two? Do you use a variety of them? Do they represent a moment in time that you feel particularly strongly about? Then write down a phrase that represents this image.

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Concentrate on few Phrases:

It’s probably best not to use too many phrases. But you’ll probably find that you can use multiple phrases to represent the same image. For example, if you’re picturing a red sports car, you could write “Racing Red Car”, “Red Speedster” or “Gym Racer”.

Don’t Lose effore:

Don’t worry about how you’re going to make these songs. Just write down the first phrase that comes to mind. Later, you’ll be able to take your log and pick a phrase and stick with it. The key is to make it as vivid as possible. As you stick with these phrases, you’ll be able to visualize the images and make them more real.

Try to Visualise:

It’s important to not only write down the phrases, but also to write down the images and to visualize them. This keeps you in touch with your feeling. And that is essential in manifesting.