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What is AstraZeneca vaccine? Explain it in detail. How does it work?

AstraZeneca vaccine is a vaccine that is very effective in preventing influenza or swine flu. But, there are some aspects that you should know about it.

It is composed of Astrazeneca, Pandemrix, and Fendrihan. AstraZeneca, Pandemrix, and Fendrihan are three vaccines that are put together in a special manner. They are highly effective in the prevention or prevention of illness caused by the flu or swine flu.

Read This Before Choosing a Pandemic Flu Vaccine

But, before it is recommended to use this vaccine, you should understand a few facts about influenza and swine flu.

Virus that causes serious Disease:

H1N1 influenza is an influenza virus that causes serious disease, swine flu. The H1N1 flu virus first attacked the human population in 2005 and 2006. It causes severe illness, mainly in young children, and kills more than 40,000 people each year. In the same year, swine flu killed almost 60 people every day.

Influenza Virus:

H5N1 bird flu is an influenza virus that is similar to H1N1 flu virus. So far, it had killed more than 40 people in China and infected nearly 30 people in the US and Canada.

This pandemic flu is the new one and is a major concern in the world. With the flu and swine flu, there are many possible side effects. But, it will be better to be protected with an H1N1 vaccine but its side effects are still unknown. So, in addition to it being recommended, it is also important to know about the side effects.

H1N1, H5N1 and other pandemic flu viruses are more dangerous than other flu and swine flu strains. In the flu and swine flu pandemic viruses, the human cells and tissues are damaged. The damage will produce an injury to the brain and there may be an increased likelihood of death.

However, there is no guarantee that the side effects of H1N1 flu, H5N1 flu, bird flu, swine flu, and other pandemic flu are as deadly as the flu and swine flu strains. The pandemic viruses may be introduced in different strains of viruses or even caused by an illness caused by one strain of the virus. The virus that causes the flu or swine flu may also be caused by another strain of flu or swine flu. So, the flu and swine flu pandemic strains will be less dangerous than the other strains. And, you should understand the danger of the side effects and also the efficacy of the product you will take.


Therefore, before choosing a pandemic flu vaccine, you should take the information in this article to know about the information about H1N1, H5N1, and bird flu, and other viruses that may spread viruses. In the next chapter, you should learn the advantages of the vaccine. In the last chapter, you should know how to protect yourself against flu and swine flu. In this way, you will know the information about flu and swine flu pandemic viruses.

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