Questions Answers of ‘Experiment’ | English Literature

Question 1: What was the mother’s attitude to the plans that the girls had for their vacations?
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Question 2: Why did the mother give Hannah , the cook, a holiday?
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Question 3: Why did the girls feel so helpless when they saw their mother going out for dinner?
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Question 4 : What mistakes did Jo make while cooking dinner?
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Question 5: Who was Miss Crocker? Why were the girls upset on seeing her?
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Question 6: What was it finally turned Jo’S tragic failure into a funny dinner?
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Question 7: What was the most important lesson that the girls learned?
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experiment English Literature

Answer 1: Mrs March thought of teaching her daughters Amy, base, Jo and Meg a lesson as they had become frustrated with there laborious daily routine and wanted a break from there monotonous (boring) life. She let them try their experiment of no work and only rest for a week and see how they liked it. She was very sure that by the following saturday night they would realise all play and no work was as bad as all work and no play.


Answer 2: Mrs. March gave Hannah, the cook, a holiday in order to make the lesson for her daughters more interesting and exciting so that they could feel deeply what burden their mother had to shoulder every day in putting everything in their house in order.

Answer 3: Mrs March had taken the day off and so she wanted to spend the whole day as she like to do. She instead of entering the kitchen sat rocking comfortably in an easy chair and started dreaming from early in the morning. It was an unusable sight for the girls and to make the situation worst c went out for dinner. This made the girls feel helpless and confused as they now had to shoulder other responsibilities in their mother’s absence and how to prepare the dinner without her guidance and care.

Answer 4: Jo discovered, it required more than energy and goodwill to make a cook. She boiled the asparagus for an hour, making them perfect inedible. The bread burnt black; the lobster was overcooked to a bright red colour; the potatoes were left partly raw in the hurry, the jelly turned out lumpy and the strawberries were sour because of being unripe.
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Answer 5: Miss Crocker was an old poor lady who was a family friend of the March family. she was thin, with a sharp nose and inquisitive eyes. She had also a sharp tongue and a habit of seeing everything and gossiping about all she saw. the March sisters disliked her but had been taught to be kind to her simply because she had just a few friends. The girls of the March family were upset on seeing her as their attempt to prepare the dinner and serve it for themselves as well as> Laurie, the boy next door would get spoiled by a bad and rough comment of her. they also did not like to be criticized by her far and wide.

Answer 6: When every dish of Jo was tasted and left uneaten, Jo felt awful and was on the verge of bursting into tears. She saw Laurie was laughing because the dinner turned out to be a funny incident. When almost everything went wrong with Jo while preparing the dinner. The comical sight of the affair struck Jo and she laughed till the tears came down her cheeks.
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Answer 7:The most important lesson that the March sisters learnt was that no work and only play is as bad as all work and no play. They also learnt that they had to shoulder their daily duties to make there leisure sweet.


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