Type of Sentence Learning for class 3

This article is for getting idea about four type of sentences e.g. Interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentence for class 3. By going through all these sentences already made here the student can identify the type of sentence and he will be able  to make four type of sentences with each word. He will have full command about type of sentence. It is because practice makes a person perfect.
Here is the question given and 4 types of sentences are already made for 9 of the words given  in the question and the rest are left for the practice for students. Later the sentences for these words will also be posted.
Question – Make four types of sentences with each of the given words.
School, flower, class, book, cricket, read, discipline, child, tiger, light, bag, sun, house, mother, chair, bird, friends, train.

1.  Assertive – the school buildings are large.
2. Interrogative- why are you late today at school?
3.  Imperative- don’t break the schools rule.
4. Exclamatory- Oh no!  we missed the school today.

1.  Assertive – the flower is beautiful.
2. Interrogative- why are you looking flower?
3.  Imperative- don’t take flower.
4. Exclamatory- wow! the flower is very beautiful.

1.  Assertive – i read in class 3.
2. Interrogative- why are you talking in the class?
3.  Imperative- Don’t play in the class.
4. Exclamatory- what is a nice classroom is this!


1.  Assertive – This book has many pages. book..
2. Interrogative- Is this a good book?
3.  Imperative- Take out your my facebook
4. Exclamatory- oh no I lost my Geography  book.

1.  Assertive – I like to play cricket.
2. Interrogative- Are you following cricket rules?
3.  Imperative- Buy a good cricket bat
4. Exclamatory- Wow! what a wonderful six sort it was.

1.  Assertive – i like to read story book. 
2. Interrogative- Why are you not reading properly?
3.  Imperative- Read properly .
4. Exclamatory – wow! your reading has gotten improved.

1.  Assertive – This child is very naughty.
2. Interrogative-Is this child is one year old?
3.  Imperative-Bring the child at safe place.
4. Exclamatory-
What a cute child this is!

1.  Assertive -Tiger is a cat’s family animal.
2. Interrogative- Have you seen a tiger in this area.
3.  Imperative- Don’t go near a tiger’s
4. Exclamatory- What a dangerous tiger is this!