class 3 egc3sz_worksheet englishgrammarlass3 Proper Common Abstract Noun worksheet worksheet

Proper Noun , Common Noun and Abstract noun worksheet 1

Question: Identify the proper noun or common noun and abstract noun. One has been done for you.a. Tina is a wise girl.ANS.: Tina-Proper NounGirl- Common Nounb. Rehana is well known for his history.ANS.: c. Mumbai is a big city.ANS.: d. lucky has long hair..ANS.: e. There is no sweetness in her voice.ANS.: f. My sister is a doctor and she

class 3 egc3sz_worksheet englishgrammarlass3 reflexive and possessive worksheet

Reflexive and Possessive Pronouns worksheet 1 (Fill in the Blanks)

Reflexive and Possessive Pronouns worksheet 1 (Fill in the Blanks) Question- Fill in the blanks with reflexive and possessive pronouns. 1. I got to that school. That school is ____________. 2. This cottage belongs to Riya’s grandparents. It is ____________. 3. She owns that scooter it is ____________. 4. We have bought a car. It is

class 3 hindi essay my school

198 Words My School Essay Class 3 In Hindi

मेरे विद्द्यालय का नाम सेंट पीटर है । यह विद्द्यालय मीराबाई रोड , दुर्गापुर में है । यह विद्द्यालय 1956 AD में स्थापित हुआ था । दुर्गापुर का यह बहुत पुराना विद्द्यालय है । इसका पुराना नाम Benachatti हाई स्कूल था । इस विद्द्यालय में एक प्रेक्षागृह (auditorium) है । इस विद्द्यालय में बावन कमरे